Granny Simulator

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No matter how old we get, we still love to spend weekends at our grandparents. For them, we’ll always be their little darlings who need care and love. They surround us with warmth and allow us to return to the happy days of our careless childhood again. Granny Simulator will give you a good deal of those moments even if your grandmother lives far away and you don’t get to see her often! You are going to pay a visit to a virtual home where your granny lives. She is a great woman and you enjoy every minute of the time spent there. But first she needs to get ready for important guests. Play as a sweet old lady who must prepare her house for a festive family dinner!

You have a lot of tasks waiting for you. Everything should be clean and tidy, so the first thing you’re going to do is clean up. Pick up all the things that are not in their place, remove all the trash, vacuum the carpets and wash the floor. Don’t forget about the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. You want your guests to be cozy and happy, so your house must shine on this big day. But of course the main thing on the agenda is cooking a tasty and nutritious dinner for your family. Look into the fridge and pick the needed products, then perform the necessary manipulations with your kitchen utensils. What is it going to be today, Thanksgiving turkey or birthday cake? It depends on the occasion and is up to you to decide. The most important thing is the food looks delicious and is served beautifully.

But this is just a start! Finally, your relatives ring the doorbell and you are hurrying to greet them. What a nice moment, the entire family together! Invite them to proceed to the holiday table and enjoy the meals you cooked for them. Have fun with your dearest and nearest, organize various activities and take memorable photos. There will be unexpected situations requiring your intrusion too. Who if not the wise grandmother can stop children from fighting each other? Don’t let anything ruin this wonderful meeting! Make sure everyone goes home with full stomachs and positive impressions, looking forward to another get-together. Prove that you are the best grandmother in the world and be a model for every member of the family!