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Look at this granny! She has time for every little chore in the house and can cope with tasks no other member of the family is able to take care of. Her day is very busy, but she doesn’t complain. She likes working around the house and keeping it clean and tidy. Of course, this is not easy, but ащк our grandmother household chores are a joy. She doesn’t shy away from any work, she takes literally everything that needs to be done. Arrange spring cleaning? She will immediately grab the vacuum cleaner, wash the floors and windows to a shine, and carefully arrange all things in their places. Cook a family dinner? A rosy turkey is already standing in the oven, and the granny is slicing a crispy salad and making cream for the cake. Flowers wilted in the garden? It doesn’t matter, our heroine will instantly put them in order. And pets love her like no one else, because she always has something delicious and an affectionate word for them.

Even the neighbors from time to time turn to the enterprising grandmother for help. After all, she has a solution for any problem. She knows how to remove a stain of any complexity from clothes, fix a tap without calling the plumber, and even put out a fire. She has a huge life experience, she brought up more than one generation of grandchildren. By the way, grandkids will also come to visit. And children need a special approach. You must not only take care of them and play with them, but also make sure that they obey you. And if the kids quarrel over a toy, everyone knows – only their grandmother will reconcile them.

Arranging meetings for the whole family is especially nice. All relatives will come to you, you will set a beautiful table, decorate the room, everyone will talk and laugh. You can come up with some kind of entertainment so that it’s fun and interesting for everyone. And, of course, don’t forget to take a photo for memory! For each completed task, the grandmother will receive points. It’s not difficult to cope with missions: just follow the icons that appear on the screen and don’t postpone a certain task for a long time, so as not to forget about it. Click on objects to pick them up and perform the necessary actions.

So the days of our hardworking grandmother pass. Sometimes she has a hard time – age makes itself felt. If you feel tired, reinforce your strength by drinking the medicine. Energy will immediately return to you to do twice as much work! You can also choose any appearance and clothes for your heroine. Play Virtual Granny Simulator online and become the best grandmother who has ever lived in the world!