Granny Simulator Multiplayer

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This amazing game is a real simulator of family life where you play as a virtual grandmother performing various tasks at home. It’s a lot of fun, but also a lot of work! Every member of your family needs your help. And since you’re a model granny, you can cope with any amount of responsibilities in a wink of an eye in Granny Simulator Multiplayer game! Move around the house and interact with various objects following your schedule for today. You need to handle all the tasks in time. The kids are waiting for their breakfast before going to school, the dog needs to be taken for a walk and you should also find time to trim your roses before the sun goes too high and it becomes too hot to work in the garden.

And that’s just a beginning! Doing the dishes, vacuum cleaning the house, washing the clothes – all this is going to take a certain amount of time, so you need to distribute your job rationally. The house consists of many rooms and you have to attend each of them. There is a new assignment waiting for you behind every door. Go to the kitchen to cook food for the entire family, then take dirty coffee cups from the dining table to the sink, then proceed to the living room to water the flowers and put your grandkids’ toys in their places. Sometimes it will be just everyday routine, but some missions are quite interesting and even thrilling. For instance, you need to serve an exquisite holiday dinner, find missing books from the shelf or put out the fire in the kitchen with an extinguisher. The more complicated the task is the more points you will earn after accomplishing it.

It’s not just your family you need to take care of – your neighbors might also require your help. Doing some work for them will bring you extra points and allow you to gain a reputation of a real supergranny! The beautiful 3D graphics with realistic models of house furnishings and people will make the gameplay even closer to real life and allow you to fully immerse into the process. You can also choose the appearance of your granny to make her look just the way you want. Every day there will be new events happening in the house. You’ll be taking active part in solving all the problems and having fun with other relatives. Merry entertainments and splendid holidays will make your virtual life full of warmth and joy! Playing Granny Family Simulator is fun and addicting. It’s in your power to make your house shine and every member of family happy in this little virtual idyll!