Granny Simulator Roblox

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There is a house in every town that is the subject of strange stories go. And this one is no exception. Here lives a crazy old woman who is better not to run into. She once had a grandson, but he wasn’t visiting her. She had been waiting for him for months without any result. In the end, Granny went nuts. She closed herself in her house and for a long time no one saw her. It was rumored that she had died. But she is still alive – which cannot be said of her victims. The changes that occurred in her psyche were irreversible. The old woman turned into a terrible maniac. She wants to make everyone who comes into her house her grandson. No, she won’t surround you with obsessive care or demand kindred warmth in return. She needs only revenge. If you step into her dwelling, she will shut you inside and hunt you until she kills. The prospect is far from optimistic, and you don’t have a lot of chances to get out. Can you do it? Play Granny and spend five terrible days in a house you won’t be able to forget!

To find your way out, you have a lot of work to do. All doors are locked, so you need to discover keys or objects with which you can pick the locks. All this is scattered in different places of the building in Granny Simulator Roblox. You have to move from room to room, look at all the cabinets and drawers, quietly make your way along the stairs and corridors so that Granny doesn’t hear you – she will come running to the slightest noise. In her hands she will have a heavy club, with which she will hit you on the head with all her might. And before you can do anything, you’ll wake up again in the same place and will have to start all over. In total you will have five such attempts – don’t miss them!

The atmosphere in the house is also not pleasant. You will feel anxious every second. It is dark and scary, you have to walk on tiptoe, avoid unnecessary movements, so as not to attract the attention of the killer. At critical moments, you must quickly hide not to be found. After all, Granny is not stupid, she will definitely look into the most obvious places. In this case, it is better to provide yourself with at least some means of self-defense. You will find everything you need in the house, but keep in mind that the space in your inventory is limited, so you have to decide what to leave and what to throw out. Think carefully, because you don’t know for sure which of the items will come in handy. Just in case, remember where the stuff lies so that you can return for it if necessary. Granny begins the hunt! Good luck!