Granny Simulator Unblocked

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When the parents are out, it’s grandma who is babysitting the naughty children. You’re going to find out everything about it in Granny Simulator! You have to complete all missions by the end of the day, but with a hitch – your capricious grandson is out to get you. He’ll be thwarting you in any possible way and won’t eat the food you cook at any cost. What can you do, kids are kids! Just take a deep breath and start performing your uneasy chores.

The house has a pretty large size, there are many rooms you need to visit and quite a number of goals you have to accomplish. But doing all that work is nothing compared to the trouble the restless toddler is dragging you into. The boy just won’t stop until he dispatches of his grandmother. He can hide, make traps and shoot at his granny from a wide range of weapons, some not really fit for a child, including grenades. New ways to play evil tricks on the elder generation are added throughout the gameplay. All that complicates the completion of missions. You can restore your energy with the help of pills – there is a hefty supply of those in the cabinet.

How about taking the role of the grandson? There is such an option in the game too. Your objective then switches to getting rid of your granny until the parents come back. You can do it in a number of ways that were described earlier. Some of them are pretty cruel, but you know that children don’t think about the consequences of their action. Besides, none of the things you do will really hurt the elderly lady. In the next game, she’ll be teaching and preaching with new zest! Granny Simulator is a hilarious and absorbing game that you can play either on your own against the AI or together with your friend. One of you will be the granny, another will be the grandson. Good luck and see who wins!