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Little kids can be very aggressive and fall out of hand. Can our granny handle the little brat? Let’s play and find out! The essence of the game is to morally suppress the enemy, whether it be a grandmother or grandson. If you play for grandmother, you have a lot of work to do. All household duties fall on your shoulders – you will see a list in the menu. Move from room to room and click on objects to perform the necessary manipulations with them. Most of your tasks will be caring for your grandson. Although he is an unbearable child, someone still needs to feed him, dress him and make him put away toys. The problem is that the boy doesn’t want to obey adults at all. Will you be able to reach out to him with cheats? After all, you are already old and you will have a hard time trying to reason with him. Don’t lose faith in yourself, continue to do your job. Grandson doesn’t want to eat what you cooked? Find a way to persuade him. Is he just awful? Think of a punishment for him. But there is a reaction to every action. So if you were strict with the toddler, wait for a retaliatory strike.

This is the point of playing for the grandson. You need to come up with all sorts of traps and unpleasant surprises for your grandma. To do this, you have a whole collection of weapons, from innocent items like a water pistol to real explosives. But don’t be afraid, nothing will happen to your grandmother. She has good health for her age and in a second she will be on her feet again – furious and ready to tear you to pieces. So if you were caught in the act, run as fast as you can! And before that, try not to get into your granny’s sight. Sneak behind her, hide in rooms and pick locks to fetch interesting things from there that you can use to build another trap. Get plenty of adrenaline and fun from virtual family fights in Granny Simulator!