Granny Simulator 2

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Let us introduce you to a lovely granny who lives in a cozy beautiful house. Her home is the best in the neighborhood and everybody envies the happiness and wellbeing of her family. But achieving all this is a huge work. Our grandma has no time to sit back and do nothing. She is always busy doing something around the house and occupying herself with a great number of little things nobody can cope with except her. Can you keep up with her hectic schedule and make sure everything is dealt with in time? Play Granny Simulator online and find out!

The heroine of the game wakes up early and immediately starts her chores in Granny Simulator 2. There are plenty of tasks she has at hand. She has to make breakfast for the entire family, gather the kids to school and help the parents to find all the stuff they need to go to job. You have many relatives, so it won’t be easy to help them all in time. Finally, everyone is out. And it seems you can have a few minutes of rest. But no, there are new assignments waiting for you in different rooms of the house. After all, everything needs to be clean and cozy and who else can take care about it but you? Make sure the rooms are tidy and all the dirty clothes is washed. Pets are also in your charge – you need to feed them and take them for a walk. Plus you have to trim up the lawn and pay attention to the flowers.

It’s almost evening and the rest of the family is about to get back home. There should be a delicious dinner waiting for them on the table. Go to the kitchen and show your cooking talent. You’ll find all necessary ingredients and appliances there. Then you have to serve the meal and wait for everyone to return. It will be so nice to watch them eat the tasty dinner you prepared and hear them thank you for your efforts! Of course, family life isn’t without conflicts, but you have enough experience and wisdom to solve them peacefully and make sure nobody is offended. With a granny like that in the house, the family can be sure their life will always be fine!