Granny Simulator 3

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Children can be unbearable and Granny Simulator 3 is the best proof of this. You have a difficult task ahead of you – to cope with a naughty child. It will be even tougher because you are an old granny whose energy is no longer the same and whose health is failing. How can you possibly keep track of the young tomboy! But our grandmother doesn’t give up. She stubbornly tries to feed her grandson yacky porridge that is so useful at his age and faithfully performs all household duties. And the grandson is trying to stop her from that in every way he is able to. The angry child sets traps and plagues the poor old woman as best as he can. To do this, he has a whole arsenal of effective and painful weapons. Don’t fall into despair, prove your authority. To restore strength after home battles, drink medicine from the first-aid kit. For each successfully completed task you will receive points. The game will end with the victory of one family member: either the grandmother will withstand all the tests, or the grandson will finally make her lose it. In any case, a lot of fun awaits you! Each session is just about five minutes long, but it feels like hours. Play Granny Simulator alone or with a friend and see which generation wins!