Granny Simulator Update

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We are all familiar with the conflict of generations. Parents and kids, grandmothers and grandchildren – for people of different ages it is sometimes so difficult to understand each other. Older relatives believe that they know better how to live, and try to teach the kids their way. And the children, in turn, don’t want to follow stupid rules and want to do what they will. This leads to all kinds of quarrels and scandals. And if no one is going to give in, it can turn into a real home war. It is such a family that you have to visit playing the role of an old grandmother who is tormented by her restless grandson.

Our granny has a lot of worries, because while the parents are at work, she has to sit with the little dope. And her years aren’t the same to run around the house persuading him to eat healthy, but tasteless porridge, collecting toys and making sure that he doesn’t break anything. But still, she’ll have to cope with her duties somehow in new update. The situation gets worse because the boy doesn’t want to meet his grandmother halfway. It’s as if he intentionally arranges various uncomfortable situations for her to see how she gets out of them. He will either spill water on the floor so that she slips, or make something fall onto her from the ceiling, or organize a trap for her in the style of Home Alone. In general, he mocks the unfortunate old woman as he pleases.

You have to deal with the juvenile bully forcing him to respect adults. At home you will find plenty of work. Go from room to room and click on various objects to interact with them. The game itself will tell you what to do and how. The developers have prepared interesting and diverse missions for you that won’t be so simple to complete. Moreover, the capricious grandson will provide you with all sorts of resistance. But don’t fall into despair because a persistent approach and an unwavering position will certainly bear fruit. Of course, sometimes you will lose temper — whatever this tomboy will come up with to show his independence! Don’t cut him any slack and insist on your own. And if he behaves very badly, choose the appropriate punishment. But don’t overdo it – you need to improve relationships with your grandson without completely set him against you. Granny Simulator will allow you to take a fresh look at your family and realize that the life of our grandmothers are actually not at all as easy as we think! Perhaps after that you will become more appreciative of your own relatives.