Granny Simulator 2019

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How can a weak old woman possibly harm you? Grumble about how awful youngsters are today, maximum hit you with her stick. Only this Granny walks with a baseball bat instead, and she doesn’t need any special occasion to knock your brains out. She will gladly do this, even if you help her one-year-olds across the road several times a day. She absolutely doesn’t need such services – she briskly moves around her huge house, running up the stairs to any rustle in a matter of seconds. And if you don’t have time to hide in a safe place, you can consider yourself a dead body in Granny Simulator 2019! Can you compete with the creepy maniac who locked you with all the keys? Explore the dwelling of a bloodthirsty old lady, collect the necessary items and break free without crossing paths with her! You have only five days!

It will be a real test. Our Granny has not shortage of living space, there are many rooms in the house. Every one of them needs to be checked – you never know what can lie in the next drawer. Maybe a useless piece of paper, maybe a coil of wire with which you can dig into the lock, or maybe a stun gun. Collect everything you see, but remember the limitations of the backpack. With all desire, you won’t be able to drag all of Granny’s belongings on yourself. You have to throw something out – make the right choice. By the way, you need to walk as quietly as possible and behave very carefully. The house has a good echo, every sound is heard from basement to attic. And the old maniac knows her home much better than you. It won’t be difficult for her to determine which room you are in. And you can only hope that she doesn’t think of looking into where you are sitting and trembling in terror. What she will do you already know. It is unlikely that you will want to feel yourself a baseball ball once again, albeit virtually. There are several difficulty modes in the game, you can adjust Granny’s hardcoreness. On the last level, she will run at the speed of sound and react literally to every decibel! The entrance lock has already clicked, and Granny is warming up before her first move. Break a leg!