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Granny Simulator 3
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Granny Simulator 3
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Granny Simulator
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Granny Simulator Game Play Online

Being a grandmother is not so easy. It would seem that you can finally relax in retirement and enjoy a well-deserved rest. But no. When grandmothers are left alone at home, it’s like they are hired for a job again. You need to do so much housework while other members of the family are away. And your health is no longer that study – sore back, heightened blood pressure… But you can afford to complain, there is no one else to handle all this. And sitting around completely idle eventually becomes boring. So grandmothers roll up their sleeves and get busy with all sorts of household duties. And they do it like no other person! Indeed, they have a whole life behind their backs. So where others lose their heads, a granny will calmly and quickly deal with any problem. But the most difficult thing in the life of any grandmother is the upbringing of her grandchildren. That’s what Granny Simulator games are about!

Be the guardian of the hearth

What is the point of the game? You play as an old woman whose appearance you can customize as you like. Lovely grandmother with glasses and a knitted sweater with a gray-haired roll on her head? You are welcome. Athletic and fit retired lady practicing a healthy lifestyle? A good choice. An aged coquette still in juice, trimmed up even at home? You can do this. The main thing is that you like the character. When the granny is ready, it’s time to get acquainted with the field of your activity. This is a large family house and the surrounding area – a backyard and a garden. All this must be taken care of, maintaining cleanliness and order.

The day of our heroine begins when everyone wakes up and gets outs: some to the office, some to school. There is a mess in the house, everyone is running around and looking for their things. Who else will help them get ready on time if not our grandmother? But you still need to feed everyone a hearty and most importantly healthy breakfast. Make sure that no one leaves hungry or forgets anything important. And by the way, don’t forget to give some food to the pets too. Well, the house is empty, and now you can do other things without hurrying. After the morning bustle, everything is upside down. Start with cleaning – do the dishes, sweep the floor, make the beds, wash the clothes and put away children’s toys. It will also be nice to water the flowers and cut the lawn. All this is just a routine, but there will also be specific tasks – for example, to find the missing books and arrange them on the shelves alphabetically. And sometimes you’ll have to help neighbors – well, they too need a grandmother! In the evening, when everyone returns home, you must meet the family with a delicious dinner so that everyone is well-fed and satisfied. From time to time you can arrange family celebrations – with cake, entertainment and photos! And if the evening is spoiled by a quarrel between family members, our granny will surely reconcile them!

Reason with your mischievous grandson

But the idyll doesn’t always reign in the house. After all, not all children are obedient and grateful. Some of them are real devils. They absolutely don’t want to obey adults and are looking for any reason to ruin their life. It’s such a grandson that you have to deal with in Granny Simulator games. He desperately resists the attempts of his grandmother to educate him, refuses to eat and study, snarls and fights – in general, he behaves terrible. And those childish pranks! The poor grandmother is tormented with all kinds of surprises and traps. And being sprayed with a water gun is the most harmless of this arsenal! After all, the little brat is already preparing her a whole salute from his firecracker supply. What can you do, it remains only to be patient and strict. If the young tomboy turns you into a total wreck, just drink a couple of pills from the medicine cabinet – and you can do your job with new energy. For a change, you can play as a grandson – your goal will be to exhaust your grandmother. Play Granny Simulator online and enjoy a realistic virtual retirement!